Considering Direct Primary Care for you or your family?

1. Let us know if you're interested! You can call, text, or email us your name and a way to contact you. We can call you, or we can schedule to meet for a "sit-down" introduction.

2. Once your questions are answered and you're ready to join you can either enroll using the portal below, schedule a phone interview with nurse (Gina) or schedule a time to meet one of us at the office. Once the enrollment interview/process is done we can set up your first appointment! 

This form will collect some basic demographic info and a brief medical history; obviously this will not be exhaustive, but works well to give us an idea of who you are and hopefully is a way to help you think through your medical issues. If you have difficulties please contact us directly! This "portal" is HIPPA compliant. (means: your health info is protected!)