This website will introduce you to an innovative model of healthcare that allows a direct relationship between the patient and physician without involvement of third parties including insurance, drug or hospital corporations. It's called "direct primary care."

Direct primary care is a growing movement across the United States. A recent poll shows >9% of physicians planning on converting their practices to this model in the next three years. Our current system places undue pressure on the physician/patient relationship and deprives both parties of the resources necessary to provide/experience quality health care. Time is a major factor, as most patients who have seen a traditional primary care provider in recent years will attest.

Our team includes two physicians, Dr. Matthew McCarthy and Dr. Sawaya Lekoshere and one amazing nurse, Angelina Leve, RN. We provide wholistic outpatient primary care for the family. We are growing steadily and have been very impressed/overwhelmed with this model, the relationships we have made with our patients and with support from the NRV community! 

Here is a brief overview highlighting a couple of distinctive aspects of our practice.

1. As implied above we do not take insurance; patients are enrolled in the practice based on monthly membership fees.

Membership provides access to the following:

  • Our cell phone numbers for medical questions and visit scheduling.

  • Urgent care appointments which we triage by phone.

  • Chronic disease management & annual preventative health visits without a co-pay.

  • An exclusive at-cost formulary including majority of primary care medications. This list is available in the office to guide medical decision making and medications are provided to our patients through a local pharmacy with a free home delivery option.

  • Exclusive at-cost lab and pathology testing. Through agreements with national suppliers we are able to pass our prices on to you!

2. We see children through elderly adults.

3. We see 6-10 patients per day per provider.

National average for primary care is 20-30/day! This means we have time to develop a relationship with our patients and provide high quality personalized care with maximum continuity and patient advocacy.

4. Pricing is designed to represent a significant savings on basic primary care expenses for the average family as opposed to the traditional model. 

Fee Schedule:

Individual:          $75/mo

Couple:             $120/mo

Family:               $150/mo

We do recommend that patients maintain catastrophic health insurance (relatively inexpensive), and encourage patients save money in a health savings account (pre-tax) for health related expenses not covered by my practice such as diagnostic imaging, specialist referrals or off-formulary medicines. We also encourage patients to spend money on preventative health such as gym memberships, healthy foods (often more expensive), etc. We truly believe that this model offers the best value for your health care dollar available.